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7.5 reasons why Valencia would be your best option to invest in properties or to move & live in…

Posted by Inna on febrero 22, 2021
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– Pricing: Valencia City and Valencia Province register year-on-year price increases offering great opportunities for investors – please note that before the pandemic were attracted more than 5 mil. tourists each year. At the same time, if you want to move & live in Valencia, you’ll still find affordable prices to buy or to rent all kinds of apartments / houses.


– Safe city:  (Nov 2020), with a Crime index of 25.60 and a Safety index of 74.40 according to Numbeo,Valencia is one of the safest cities in Spain (8th) & Europe (27th).


– Health care system: Valencia is currently ranked 11th city in the world (Nov. 2020) having a health care index of 82.09, with  a lot of public and private hospitals, and  more than hundred specialized centers.  Valencia has one hospital ranked in top 10 Spanish hospitals. 


– Education system: with very good public free schools, including universities, and with plenty of excellent international schools’ options, parents will find the ideal school according to their budget.


– Ideal weather: you’ll enjoy more than 300 sunny long days, including in the winter time, with a perfect annual average temperature of 20°C  and few rainy days.


– Extremely livable city: very friendly & open-minded people, a relaxed lifestyle and a super tasty Mediterranean cuisine. It has urban sandy beaches, many parks, including one of the biggest urban parks in Spain – Turia Gardens and 10 kilometers south of the city you’ll discover the fabulous Parque Natural de Albufera.  


– Vibrant city: Valencia offers everything from cultural events and well-known internationally trade fairs to boiling nightlife! A unique city that combines Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Deco with ultra-futuristic buildings. It has a quick, safe, modern but affordable public transport and it’s very well connected nationally and internationally by road, sea and air. 


– We are globetrotters: before settling down in Valencia, as we found the ideal city in the world to live in, the team members lived in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Malta, Romania, Russia, Ireland and USA, and visited more than 40 countries on 5 continents … So, we know what matters for you and we deliver the quality of the assistance you are looking for!

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