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4 best food markets in Valencia

Posted by Inna on enero 7, 2021
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Central Market of Valencia (in Valencian Mercat Central) is located in Plaza Ciudad de Brujas  is considered one of the masterpieces of Valencian modernism.
It is a metal structure building that houses around 1000 stalls with a total of 8,160 square meters built, including the offices attached to the Market. An association of beams and iron meshes allow a wide coverage of domes, the central one rises 30 meters above ground level and the nave is more than 18 meters high.
This spectacular bazaar offers  all kinds of food  such as fish, seafood, fruits, spices, meats and sausages among others, both for domestic consumption and to supply important restaurants in Valencia, with which it is crowned as the largest fresh market in Europe. Shopping in this place is charged with great charm due to the beauty of its architecture and the tradition and history of the market.


It is a municipally owned market and one of the most characteristic monuments of the Valencian neighborhood of Ruzafa. It was designed by the architect Júlio Bellot Senet, together with Javier Goerlich Lleó. It is located in the nucleus of the Ruzafa neighborhood, in front of the baroque church of San Valero and San Vicente Mártir.

Its structure is made of reinforced concrete with concrete beams.1 Its four facades are characteristic with different colors in each one of them in the form of a gradient or color palette. The colors were added after the last renovation of the building in the mid-2000s. Counts with 100 stalls of all kinds of food and nice restaurants around to have an amazing lunch.


If you want to get tasty, quality food at a better price than the Central Market, is definitely a closest alternative. This small market is located near Torres de Quart or the IVAM.  It is equipped with shops and establishments dedicated to food and hospitality.
The building was built in 1963 and inaugurated on December 5, 1963 by the then mayor of Valencia, Adolfo Rincón de Arellano García.1 2 It is a municipally owned market located in the Botánico neighborhood and one of the most popular buildings of said neighborhood.


Cabañal Market is located in a neighborhood of Valencia, belonging to the Poblados Marítimos district, close enough to the beach.  Is a reference market, in terms of food with very acceptable quality / price ratio. Many stalls are selling from the field directly, with few or no intermediaries.  Inside there is a bar, and that if you bring them what you have bought at a stop they will prepare it for you at the moment.

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