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7 most beautiful towns in Spain

Posted by Gabriel Gallur on febrero 15, 2021
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Cadaqués, Catalonia

Cadaqués is a picturesque  village in Spain, located on the rocky coast, accessible only through a narrow road.   Getting lost in its labyrinthine streets, feel its history through the old pavement of the town made  by hand with stones shaped by the swaying of the waves. Having lunch in front of the sea, enjoying fish and shellfish, the most succulent and appreciated dishes … and it is not surprising, because due to the rocky terrain and the strong sea storms, the fish has an intense flavor.
After lunch, enjoy  the beautiful view of the bay and the town  from its highest point  – church of Sta. María de Cadaqués. Curious fact about it is that the old church was destroyed by the famous Turkish pirate Barbaroja, who attacked the town in 1543. After this event it was decided that the new church would be rebuilt with the money of the fishermen who were fishing on forbidden days.  Very important to say that Cadaqués has a special place in art history. Salvador Dalí often visited Cadaqués in his childhood, and later kept a home in Port Lligat, a small village on a bay next to the town. Other notable artists, including Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Antoni Pitxot, Henri-François Rey, Melina Mercouri and Maurice Boitel also spent time here. Cadaques is a very very special place!

Alcalá del Júcar, Castilla-La Mancha

The medieval town built into the mountain with houses carved into the rocks, Alcalá de Júcar has positioned itself as one of the preferred destinations, based on the numerous leisure and free time activities that can be developed in its environment, many of them linked to nature and adventure, and of course in the uniqueness of its urban architecture. Narrow streets that climb towards the Castle, small houses, steep stairs, small gardens and of course, the typical caves, make Alcalá del Júcar a unique architectural and natural complex.

Ronda, Andalusia

Besalú, Girona

Albarracín, Teruel

Lastres, Asturias

Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz

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